Are Promotional Products Still Relevant in This Age of Digital Marketing?

Ten years ago, if anyone asked the question, are promotional products still relevant, the answer would have undoubtedly have been a resounding YES! Face to face business meetings and conferences called for every kind of product conceivable to market your business. Nowadays, with Skype, video conferencing, online conferences, e-mail etc, businesses see less and less of each other. So, do promotional products still play a role?

My answer to that would be, yes they do, but the popular products differ significantly to those of ten years ago in terms of business to business contact.

These days you would be hard pressed to find a business which does not rely to some degree on computers and the internet. For that reason, computer related promotional gifts have become the must have product. Memory sticks in particular are a very popular giveaway. Yes, they may be more expensive than a pen or a bag, but they are useful and valued, so people are more likely to keep hold of them.

Even though online conferencing is growing in popularity, fortunately for the promotional marketing industry, so is the popularity of exhibitions. There are exhibitions for almost any kind of trade, hobby and product you can image, from the enormously successful Comic Con shows, right through to wedding exhibitions, home and garden shows, food exhibitions. The list goes on and on. For more info visit here:-

So where do promotional products fit in to these kinds of events? You will generally find that every exhibitor will be wearing a lanyard emblazoned with the name of the conference. Secondly, to draw people to your stand, promotional giveaways are a must. Perhaps a promotional pen, or key ring, perhaps some sweets or a promotional bag to put all the paraphernalia collected whilst doing the rounds. A re-useable bag with your company name and logo will do wonders at an exhibition. People love a free gift and are sure to tell their friends which stand they found it on.

Promotional products also extend to clothing. How better to set your business apart from the competition that wearing corporate clothing. Perhaps a smart polo shirt with your company name and logo. What a great way to create a good first impression.

Interestingly, one promotional product which shows no sign of abating is the stress product! Perhaps this says something about the times we are living in! Stress products such as squeeze-able balls, make a fun giveaway, and provide a great talking point.


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