The News Moves to the Internet

The death of the publishing industry, of newspapers and print magazines has been claimed for years now. While it is certainly true that huge cutbacks have been made, publishers cannot claim defeat yet. Many newspapers and magazines have opted for the greener and more en vogue option of moving online. Digital content is the future. Digital content is the way ahead. While some mourn the fate of paper products, inpix others rejoice and move on. Less of a paper trail means less pollution and more trees. The internet, more so with the advent of high speed DSL and satellite internet, has meant that information moves much faster via wires and chips than through the printing press. Computers make the news much more participatory and less singular. bocoranadminriki

There are now more news outlets and independent press outfits now more than ever. You can easily get all points of view online. The so called media bias can easily be bypassed by going online. Here are just some renowned and landmark (as well as lesser known companies) splitacdubai print institutions which have moved to the digital arena. Most of these sites require super fast speeds, like that available with a satellite broadband connection.

The New York Times has been a staple for many years. Although newspaper sales may have dropped, the online version of the paper is thriving. To gain access to articles, you do have to register; kjro however, it costs not one penny. Access to older, archived articles does sometimes require payment, but each article costs around a dollar or less. The NYTimes site features a list of top stories, along with reader comments, videos, slideshows, audio slideshows and emailing ability. The site is much more interactive than the paper version.

The UK newspaper the Guardian has a great online version complete with recipes, sections dedicated to fashion and living, along with arts news, music reviews, and much, much more. Readers will definitely not be missing out. The online Guardian is chock full of media. There’s always something interesting to read.

Another popular online news outlet is the BBC. The BBC international news site updates headlines as they occur. You can read all about news all over the world. There are separate sections for each continent. You’ve also got sections dedicated to technology, florbiz health and business among other things. Often, you can watch BBC news videos and find links to more news sources.

The Atlantic Monthly is now online as well. The updated site is streamlined and elegant. The logo catches your eye, yet it still conveys the gravity and significance of the magazine. Recently, the Atlantic actually won a Webby, an award bestowed upon websites for excellence. The Webbies are the internet’s highest owner.


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