Sense or Nonsense (A Set of Poems)

(A Set of poems)

Sense or Nonsense

Ten New Poems of: Sense or Nonsense


Sense or Nonsense

Making sense is the other side of making nonsense “What is what?” that is the question. (Moreover, who knows?) My advice to the reader of these poems is not to be too quick to label them either way, selfmanagedsuperfund unless you can understand both sides of the coin without any preconceived notions…

How to Read a Poem

(If indeed, you care)

Now for a few principles: Read these poems attentively; read them several times slowly, and with an open mind. Gather interesting data, mark certain words, images, or lines you find interesting or suggestive with a pencil. Evaluate the big picture (zero in on the basic outline, nadiya the poem’s meaning or purpose). It might be interesting to note, usually the imagery of the poem echoes the poem’s theme, if indeed you miss the theme, look for the imagery, and the echo towards it.

By the Time

(Poem One)

By the time, you start thinking what have I to do. By the time, snake bite dream meaning the children are old enough to drink booze. By the time, the naked old eye can no longer see the summer clouds. By the time the grapes in the cellar ferments to a rich elderly fine wine. By the time everything grows and dies around you…by this time, it is time you start to think about the dirt and the bugs in the ground, and if you are, heaven bound-!

The Old Trout

(Poem Two)

When I was full of life, the sun was full of sun, now I am old, getting older and I am full of dying near as much as the moon is full of no air…

I am like the tides of the ocean, once about a time I came in on one, I watched them from a distance come and go; now it’s my time to ride them out I hope slow!

Yesterday’s Rain

(Poem Three)

Yesterday, the rain was full of rain, a little gray, a little insane, which in a way was very pleasant, at 7:00 p.m.; and this is what the rain said:

“What is there to show if I do not rain all over the city and you?” Then the rain added, “I cover all around the sun, cover it up, and during this, you can sleep, otherwise get wet.”

That was yesterday, it is different today. The rain is sleeping, thank God for that; now we get the sun back!

Alone in Paris

(Poem Four)

I traveled around the world, mostly alone for most of my life, and I never felt alone, although to others I am sure I looked alone, and I was alone, but was I lonesome (Feeling lost)? Never until I was alone in Paris for my first time, then I knew and felt alone, on my own, because now I was alone, and felt lonesome. I even swore never to return to Paris, unaccompanied, alone!

Then I left Paris, alone the same way I had come, feeling less lonesome-even though now I knew I still was alone even though people were all around me… and felt alone, but now being alone was okay…it was Paris!

Note: We become aware of things-once we climb the tree, and look down or perhaps above the trees and around…. On a second note, a tree to a tree is just another tree, put a hill or mountain beside it; it will love you evermore, because it is different. In addition, perhaps appreciation is what it is all about…


(Poem Five)

He would and he was-meaning, he did not and he tried. Nevertheless, he never would and he never did. Kids are like that you know, and yes, I know one, two, three, perhaps six, no, eight, no, ten (perhaps even more, but let us say ten… or more for the sake of argument).

Ten or more kids and no one learned a thing-sad but a fact. Nowadays, this would be considered the ordinary, for kids; that is to say, trying to learn more, or expecting to learn more, with a third of their capacity, effort, actions; everyday doing less, expecting to learn more.

The first kid that tried this-this new universal track of learning, he was the one that needed to learn the most. However, would he learn? Alternatively, was he learning? Who is to say? He thought tears would make him learn, but he was just the same-still the same inside…, which is not the same as learning.

The Have, Had, Halves

(Poem Six)

I had, and I have, and I have to keep the half now of what I have-call it halve-when all is said and done what will I have had to do to keep that half? In addition, get back what I had, had I not thought about this, I would not have had to write this, and I could have slept a while longer.

Denny and Diane

(Poem Seven)

Denny and Diane, Diane and Denny, both liked each other immortally. He said he loved her more than she loved him. She said ‘…nonsense! I love you more than you love me!’

He combed her hair, he shared his pear, he washed her feet, he never let go of her, even to sleep, and that was why Denny was Diane.

Diane walked by his side-side to side, like to like, like two peas in a pod. Why, nobody knew, but take my word, it is true, they did everything from there to there, not a hair’s breath away and that was why Diane was Denny.

So was it Denny or was it Diane or was Denny just Diane? Then again, was Diane just Denny? It is better to leave this alone, the more you think of this the more you wonder, and let’s say Denny is just Diane and Diane is just Denny and they both are through being the other.

Ballad of the Big

andLittle Pigs

(Poem Eight)

Abig pig running low

in the fields of snow

watching little pigs sitting by

learning that soon they could die.

It was in the fields and it was daylight,

and cows mooed,

and the little pigs could have care less.

The Big pig saw everything, mbappe vriendin everywhere

in the valley…

And the little pigs knew this, knew

the Big Pig, He could see right down

and throughout the fields-

and even see the other animals hidden

elsewhere…here and there.

Therefore, the cows and all the other

animals did not dare

to hurt the little pigs…

Seeing the big watching and staring

here and there, always aware.

And so, as you may have guessed

and as you may have read

when a big pig running low

loose in a field of snow

the little pigs know they will not

be captured, or hunted, or even

eaten alive, or have to die,

that they too, have time

to grow old…

(as long as the big pig is watching

that is…)

And so they know, and knew.

and yes, to be true

they wondered also:

“What’s all the bother about?”

Then appeared a man

and he hit the big pig on the head

with a big iron hammer!

Hoping he would have killed him,

but he hadn’t and the big pig

tried to get away

but there was no way.

The little pigs watching all this-said:

“If he gets away, we’re safe today!”

But quickly, the big pig sunk

lower to the ground,

and the little pigs frowned

and they began to know

the big pig would soon be gone

dead, no longer their safety net.

What is more, all the little pigs started to runaway to tell the other little and big pigs in the valley of the danger. But the big pigs had learned what the little pigs were learning; there was no way to fight man, to protect them from him, but to run, run if indeed one can… and this is life, and when man comes around, it happens just like that.


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