What is Bum Marketing and Can You Really Make Money With It?

The term Bum Marketing was thought up by a guy called Travis to describe a method of internet marketing that doesn’t cost anything to do. Well, kms auto actually his wife though up the name for what Travis was doing, and doing very well.

So what is the bum marketing method? https://www.removals.co.uk https://silber-gartengestaltung.de

It is a way of selling things on the internet without having to pay for any advertising or anything else in fact. The theory is that a “bum” from the street could walk dryer repair san diego into a public library that has free internet access and from there, start to earn money online.

It works with a system know as affiliate marketing which is a fancy name for just selling other people’s stuff for a commission. You don’t actually sell the products themselves, fancy name you just direct potential customers to companies’ websites and if a sale is made you earn money.

The bum marketing method uses lots of different, garten but free ways to promote products that can generate money for you when you make a sale. Some popular methods are free classified ads, YouTube videos, articles like this one or online forums.

So does it work? Obviously cat house it does or it wouldn’t have a name. Travis himself has become one of the most wealthy and respected affiliate marketers in the world by using this method. Many others, including myself, have followed and become successful online as well.

There are some more SEO details on how to use this method with affiliate marketing to make sure you have the greatest possibility of success. The advantage of being able to start a profitable business and not investing any money is a huge bonus that is only available with the internet. Home deco


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