Business Applications In The Cloud For Healthcare Providers

Many large industries are moving towards the Software-As-A-Service model for their business application needs. This means that instead of purchasing expensive software and investing in server hardware, weebo their applications are now being delivered through the web on a subscription basis. The heath care industry is no exception. With the move towards electronic medical records, cloud computing has become an integral part of business management in hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the nation. Here are a few examples of successful cloud computing applications for the medical field.

CareCloud Central – CareCloud Central is a web-based practice management system for heath care providers of any size. It includes scheduling and billing software. It’s intuitive interface makes it easy to schedule, cancel or move appointments around. The medical billing software allows practitioners to file claims electronically, livewebdir reducing errors and increasing payment turnaround. Reports include payment statistics and trends in claim denials. With an affordable monthly subscription fee, there is no need to invest in servers or expensive software licenses.

Caretime – Caretime is an employee management system for home health care providers. The quality of home health care can be difficult to manage. This cloud based software makes it much easier to manage the administrative side of home health care to make sure that care meets compliance with regulations. Remote staff are able to clock in or out by phone. Visits are verified and notifications are sent out if employees fail to show up to their scheduled location. Information about employees and care patients can be accessed in real-time. In addition, Caretime makes it easy to generate payroll.

Brighttree – Brighttree is a cloud computing based business management solutions for the medical equipment industry. It handles billing, inventory management, point of sale, huntingtime marketing, scheduling and reports. It’s cloud based model makes it easy to integrate business operations with other 3rd party applications. Through ease of use and automation, Brighttree increases profitability and cash flow for medical equipment providers.

MyCaseRecords – Designed specifically for the behavior health industry, roidirectory MyCaseRecords is a web-based solutions for managing client cases from the beginning of service to the end. It handles screening and intake. It includes Client Rights and Responsibility forms and Herdman Assessment Forms used as a tool for providing diagnosis and recommendation of care. The built-in treatment plans can be modified to user requirements. In addition, the software makes it easy to keep track of progress notes, group notes and discharge summaries.

OpenEMR – OpenEMR is an open source cloud based electronic medical records solution that handles patient billing and insurance claim submissions. It allows the users to view and update patient history, techquisys monitor prescriptions and other medical documents. The software features include appointment scheduling and categorization.

Cloud computing development has become the perfect platform for the health care industry. Applications are much more affordable than their traditional counterparts. Rapid deployment and outsourced technical support make cloud computing software-as-a-service an excellent choice for many health care providers.  For more info please visit these websites:- 

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