Front Porch Designs to Make Your Porch Sizzle

How do you pull together architectural style, landscaping, and furniture to make your porch sizzle? No matter the size of your porch, coffee tables there are things you can do based upon your home’s architectural style to make your home sizzle. Here are just a few common architectural styles to get you started.

Classical style architecture porches range in size from small to large.  These homes have a central entrance and an equal number of windows flank each side of the door. For landscaping, use clipped hedges, brick sidewalks, and geometrical plantings in containers. Base your furniture selections around teak – a great outdoor wood.

Victorian style architecture features large, Parguruan tinggi one-story porches that extend across one or two sides of the house. They may have multiple verandas with some on the second level and use elaborate details (moldings). For landscaping consider using symmetrical and colorful plantings in containers or window boxes on your steps or balustrades. Base your furniture selections on wrought iron.

Colonial style architecture porches are usually small in size with a pediment and perhaps more ornate door frames; crown molding, pilasters or columns. They feature double-hung windows or multi-pane windows in pairs on each side of front door. Landscaping should include brick pathways, large symmetrical plantings on each side of the door, and geometric beds. Make your front entrance dramatic with striking door color and a wreath. Use classic teak furniture and remember that geometric placement is the key.

Farmhouse style architecture has large wrap-around porches, tall windows, tiernahrung-friebe shingles or metal roofs.  You’ll also find dormers, gables, and simple moldings as well as the use of natural materials like cedar or stone. For landscaping use symmetrical plantings, mixed beds and borders. Incorporate simple painted garden furniture, rockers and a swing of course! Brick, flag stone and stepping-stone walkways are especially attractive.

Contemporary or modern style is not easily distinguishable due to many shapes. Porches lack ornate moldings. Wood or stone siding is usually the norm. Use asymmetrical plantings and evergreens in your landscaping scheme. Try flagstones for walkways. Stained or weathered looking furniture looks very attractive in a contemporary setting.

Choose your porch style, Dank carts landscaping and furniture based upon the style of your home and you will have a great cohesive look. Try some of these ideas for your own home!

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